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June 19, 2011
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Death: The Terminal Monster by roylxr Death: The Terminal Monster by roylxr
The Colossus in my work is designed based on the theme of death. It is called Terminal Monster with three heads and four hands. The Terminal Monster Inhabits in a horrible place called Skeleton Valley. Within a houndred miles of which not even a blade of grass could grow and it was strewn with dead bodies. So horrible is the Valley that even the fiercest tiger dares not to step in. For thousands of years, the Terminal Monster strengthened its power by absorbing humanís yang-qi (In Taoism, it is the most important energy of human beings). Its three heads representing happiness, anger, sadness, thus it has three characters. With the third eye on ďangerĒ head, it can see through everthing in the world. So donít trouble its third eye, unless you want to get trouble.
The Terminal Monster used to be the three-face boy guarding Free Life Pond in East Heaven. But for its moody and mercurial character and stealing lives from the Free Life Pond, the Jade Emperor in Heaven exiled it from Heaven down to the Earth. It later became a monster in the Skeleton Valley and did harm to human beings. It was getting stronger and one day it was even strong enough to jeopardize the Heaven. So the Jade Emperor in Heaven used an invocation to limit its movement temporarily.
The huge yellow invocation on its body was made by the Jade Emperor in Heaven several thousand years ago. Despite of this invocation, it still, with its strong and wicked power, commits all sorts of wickedness on Earth. With the growing of its wicked power, the invocation will have no longer influence on it and this will sooner lead to an end of the Earth!